Moar Apples!

Lately, one basin of fruit including some apples hasn’t been enough, so we have been buying a bunch of apples, and some other fruit too. Enough to fill 2 medium stainless steel bowls! (Also I seem to have lost the ability to talk or write about anything but apple.)

moar apples!

Leaf told me that she couldn’t trust my taste in apples because I seem to be liking everything, but you know, the other day, I got some grocery store apples (organic Fuji and Honeycrisp) both of which are on my yum list, and they just didn’t measure up! They were crispy and cool, so satisfied that part for me, but the flavors just weren’t the same. Yut and I both thought they were sweet but insipid. Blandy bland. I still ate mine up because I didn’t care, it was apple, but it definitely wasn’t as good as the ones at the farmers’ market where they claim that they were tree-ripened and recently picked. Also, I was reading this Orange Pippin site where they talk about apple varieties and users review them and whatnot and lots of people say that Golden Delicious is a perfectly fine apple picked tree-ripened east of the Mississippi. So I may just be in the wrong place to get a really good Golden Delicious. (What, you don’t go looking for websites about apples??? :p)

I wish there was a way to tell at a grocery store if the apples are going to be good, but it seems very iffy, because I have gotten good apples at the grocery store before, it’s just not a guaranteed thing. Actually this may be why I’m not generally a fan of apples. This is the first year I’ve really gotten a lot of apples since my parents used to take us apple picking in the fall time — mostly Red Delicious and Golden Delicious. Back then, I vaguely thought Golden were better than Red Delicious I think, but I don’t remember loving apple. Leaf maybe remembers better than I do.

So I guess if you know for a fact that the apples are good quality, organic, tree-ripened, brought directly from a farm, then my apple advice holds! Otherwise even the best apples can be boring!

Good apples I have eaten this year: Mutsu (Crispin), Pippin, Honeycrisp, Fuji, Cameo, McIntosh, Jonagold, Empire, Gala.

Bad apples I have eaten this year: Golden Delicious, Honeycrisp, Fuji

Oh and by the way, this advice holds for Asian pears too. I have had really yummy Asian pears from the farmers’ market (most recently Shinko and Niitaka varieties), but also really blah Asian pears from the Asian grocery, even the premium ones. I do believe there’s a difference! Of course, your mileage may vary and I suppose there may be confirmation bias going on. But that’s what I think. :)


  1. I’ve found I’ve been eating more apples this year, though I am usually drawn to the Fujis, I’ve also had some Honeycrisp and some Granny Smith. I tend to like the crisp consistency and not so much the mushy feeling when you take a bite, but have also found it hard to discern what will make a delicious apple (unless I go by the name) in the store. The Organic ones I’ve had have on the whole been more satisfying. Makes me have a hankering for an apple right now…

  2. After having Honeycrisps, I went back to a Fuji (both organic) and discovered I didn’t like the Fuji anymore. It was too sweet.

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