Ranking Every Episode of Every Star Trek

Some superfan, Jordan Huffman, ranked every episode of every Star Trek series ever. Seriously. I can’t speak to this, since I’ve only watched The Next Generation completely (but at least one episode of every other Star Trek except the animated series) but holy cow what commitment. In my opinion, TNG was the best, but if you’ve never watched any episodes, and start from season 1, there was a lot more inconsistency. It hit its stride by season 2 or 3 though. I think this is true in general of most shows? I mean, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a great TV series, and still it took a little bit for it to get amazeballs.

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  1. Oh thanks for the reminder. I still haven’t watched Buffy. I just finished Sherlock which… Benedict Cumberbatch is amazeballs. I’ll have to get on the Buffy train.

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