Random Interesting Links February 2015 Edition

Haha I typed February 2015 Edition like I am good at posting up things on a schedule. Actually usually I note interesting links when Leaf sends me a “I ran out of internet and I’m bored” email which she hasn’t. But whatever. Here’s some things I saw around that I thought were interesting, if anyone is ever bored.

I’m adding another link:

  • How the Boxer Brief Got Into America’s Pants: I have to admit, I like them, but I had no idea they were so popular. I like to buy Flint & Tinder’s Trunk Briefs. Not sure what the difference is between Heritage and KS1. Also, I’m always happy to take suggestions if you think something is better!

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  1. My allergy doc said something similar. I asked him if I kept eating nuts (I have a mild allergy), what would happen? He said I could probably keep eating them, even though he didn’t recommend it. But if I stopped eating them, then I could get more allergic to them. So duh, no brainer, I’ll keep eating them.

    I appreciate the ocd pictures. They’re so perfect!

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