Random Interesting Links, July 2015 Edition

The whole July 2015 thing is less silly now because I have had more than one interesting links post. Right?

  • The Really Big One — The really big earthquake in the Pacific Northwest is overdue! Scary, but actually, it’s worth reading because it’s a good read.
  • I, Racist — Powerful stuff
  • Men who harass women online are quite literally losers — “It’s also in keeping with the evolutionary framework on anti-lady hostility, which suggests sexism is a kind of Neanderthal defense mechanism for low-status, non-dominant men trying to maintain a shaky grip on their particular cave’s supply of women.” Haha. And also, *sigh*.


  1. The Really Big One has made me reconsider my vacation and retirement plans. Basically, I don’t plan on going to the Pacific NW anytime soon. It read like an apocalypse movie and I was sharing it with some seismologists/engineers at work. They seemed to be like *shrug* yeah, it’s true, but whatevs. And I’m still all, *PANIC*

  2. I think you’re right about the Mandarin, left to right and right to left thing.

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