Holy Wow

Um, I haven’t even posted an introduction post yet about this year’s March Madness. BUT OMG! Michigan State is out!!! They’re a #2! It’s not unheard of for a 15th seeded team to beat a 2, but it’s rare. AND a bunch of us picked them in to the finals! AND I picked them to win it all. So… new prediction: I am not winning this year, despite my basketball genius-ness. :D

I haven’t watched any games but I periodically check the scores, and OMG I just… I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! My bracket is already all messed up. My entire Midwest region just … poof (I also picked Purdue to go far)! Some of you Virginia fans (Lew, I didn’t even have to look to guess that you picked Virginia all the way) are safe but gosh for the rest of us, wow. Okay that is all.

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  1. and…somehow you won. -_-

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