We bought crayons lately since Beez is one and we thought she might like it. She likes to put everything in her mouth and it’s impossible to be absolutely certain she won’t eat something. She does things so fast that one second you’re saying, “n—” but the next second it’s done, and you never even finished your single syllable. So I thought I’d better buy something relatively non-toxic. Not that Crayola crayons (are there better crayons?) are toxic, and I’m sure they’d be fine, but they’re made with paraffin? wax, and I just thought, eh, why not try something “safer”. There are tons of makers all over the web and on Etsy that are made using soy wax or bees wax or other more edible waxes, so it’s easy enough to buy.

So we bought a couple of them to try out.

Clear Hills Non-Toxic Crayons are made with beeswax and “non-toxic pigments and clays” according to their site. The crayons are the large size kids crayon size. The coloring action isn’t as smooth as I remember my old box of 64 Crayolas were, and of course there’s only 5 crayons. What I mean by smooth is that sometimes when you draw a line, there’s darker parts of the line and lighter parts, and it doesn’t feel completely smooth with no bumps while writing. She tends to play with them like sticks (trying to hold as many as she can, throwing them around), although she does also draw random lines. Not bad!

Wee Can Too Organic Veggie Crayons are made with soy wax and veggie dyes. There are 5 blocks and it’s very smooth, but it tends to be light. Also if you bang the block little pieces will fall off. Because of course she plays with them like blocks — stacking, banging, etc. The ingredients make a lot of sense with the colors though — like the yellow is colored with cumin amongst other things and it is a bright, almost chartreuse yellow, like the edges of curry. These are super smooth.

Anyway, I like them both. I guess if you want the more pencil like shape then go for the Clear Hills one, and if you like the less expensive one then get the Wee Can Too crayons (after shipping and tax I think they’re less expensive). I do think that she doesn’t totally get that pressing harder will create more color yet, which is part of why we didn’t get markers because we thought it’d be good for her to play with pressure. Since the Clear Hills crayons have naturally more intense color, she uses them more, but she plays with both.


I drew the 8 straight lines (one of the blocks and one of the crayons were in another room and I didn’t go get them), the other marks are her. The four on the left are with the Clear Hills crayons, and the ones on the right are with the Wee Can Too crayons.