Leaf says I need to post to my abandonblog so here I am! Actually I have been thinking about posting … for two years. I think about it and sometimes I get as far as composing something in my head but when I get a moment I’ve forgotten! Then it feels like well a bunch of time has passed and what’s the point. Death spiral of negativity ensues, blog post does not get written. But whatever, this is the point of a personal blog. Also I installed the WordPress app on my phone so let’s see if that helps.

Lunar New Year is coming up on Tuesday. I got a hair cut. My understanding is that you’re supposed to trim away bad luck, so a small trim at least. And it has to be done by New Year. If I don’t manage to get a haircut by New Year, then I avoid haircuts for at least a month. (This is easy to do.) But often it’s the impetus that I need to get to a salon, so I go. This year I wasn’t in dire need of a hair cut so I thought I’d just get a trim but then I got a bunch of hair lopped off and now I have what my sister and cousins are telling me is a lob (long bob). I forgot to take a before and after though so this is a fail of a blog entry.

Speaking of pictures, I used to use Flickr for pictures. Is this still a good place or should I try something else? What are my choices???