Yut took Beez swimming today at the local Y. I usually just read until they’re done then help her shower and dress, but you know, Y membership is like over $100 a month for our family, so I’ve been trying classes out here and there. Don’t get me wrong it’d be worth it even if I didn’t take anything, just it’s even more worth it when I do. So, in order to maximize the value of my Y membership, I walked in to a Cycling class.

Okay, number one, you can’t just climb on a stationary bike. You have to adjust it. I was embarrassingly inept. The teacher and two other students had to help me cos you can adjust the seat height and like move it back or forward. And the handle part is height adjustable. And there’s a lever for what gear you want — the higher the more resistance. Anyway after I finally incompetently got myself situated, I started to bike. Dude, there’s screens in front showing you how everyone is doing… better than me. The instructor says things like ok now start with your gear in easy to medium like 5-15. I pick the easiest thing he says every time. He says to make sure the RPM is higher than 60 at all times. I fail at this. At first I thought that I could do it if I lowered the gear to like 1 but the truth is, the bike seat is so uncomfortable that I never reach 100 RPM anyway and I’d rather deal with more resistance but go slower. I don’t know how everyone else does it! Then we start doing climbs with small downhill sections in between. This just means you turn up the gear so it’s super hard and also sometime you stand up and pedal which is hard on legs but a relief for the butt. Then downhill is when the gear number is low and you go fast but not too fast cos omg my crotch! And it just goes on and on like this! I am sweating! I guess I sweat when I walk sometimes but this feels different. It’s not terrible I guess?

After half an hour I get off the bike and wow my legs are numb! I stumble out of class and vgo finish watching the swim and help with the shower and then go home and eat and now it’s like hours later and my thighs are so sore! It doesn’t stop it’s just sore. It’s not like if I stay still it’s fine just sore if I move or something. I have hobbled myself! Argh. I have to find a better things to do at the Y.