Family Dota Time

Family Dota time

TI5 hype!

Breastpumped while listening to The Talk Show and checking email.

By the way, I think Mandarin is left to right when written horizontally, but right to left when vertical, right?

Random Interesting Links February 2015 Edition

Haha I typed February 2015 Edition like I am good at posting up things on a schedule. Actually usually I note interesting links when Leaf sends me a “I ran out of internet and I’m bored” email which she hasn’t. But whatever. Here’s some things I saw around that I thought were interesting, if anyone is ever bored.

I’m adding another link:

  • How the Boxer Brief Got Into America’s Pants: I have to admit, I like them, but I had no idea they were so popular. I like to buy Flint & Tinder’s Trunk Briefs. Not sure what the difference is between Heritage and KS1. Also, I’m always happy to take suggestions if you think something is better!

I’m a Goofball

So this just happened:

Dial number, hear “Welcome, please enter your access code and press the pound key.” Enter the access code, absentmindedly press the red obvious button without thinking, hang up on the call. Oops!


Note how the # button and the red button are not easily confused. And yet. Thank goodness no one hears anything until you actually connect properly.

Sticky Page Markers on Kickstarter

I have no need for these because I tend to memorize the page I’m on, just flip around until I find my page again, or drop in a random receipt or something. I do this even when I have perfectly cute bookmarks around, so this doesn’t work. But these look really nice. Much better than little sticky sign here tags too. (via The Well-Appointed Desk)

Sticky Page Markers

New Flickr App

Flickr 3.0 just got released today. So far I like it! Seems faster and better! The interface looks nicer, too. But you know one thing they didn’t fix? It doesn’t do upside down orientation. I know, I know, who cares, right? But I do. Sometimes I use my iPad or iPhone upside down. Like when I’m charging it but the cord is just a little too short, for example. And then if I try to look at photos on Flickr, it’s annoying. But that’s still not a downgrade from the previous app, because version 2 also didn’t do upside down at all. So at worst you get a better app that just still doesn’t turn.

Edited to add: Shawn Blanc just posted his review of Flickr 3.0 and it’s way complete and full of information where mine isn’t! In case you’re interested in an actual review with information. And pictures. :)

Getting Older

yut: I had a white hair. In my nose. sigh


yut: I thought it was snot, then started to pray that it was snot


Clearly I am the sympathetic type.

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