Happy New Year From the Rabbits

Resting Plotting, continued
Happy New Year from the bunnies!

They look like they have big plans, but I’m pretty sure they are just resting: Hellspawn has his head resting on Fluff’s shoulder. But look at him! Doesn’t he seem a bit more chubby than he did previously? :)

It could also be the Endless Molt of 2011. I don’t know what’s going on, but both rabbits have been molting on and off for like … the whole year!!! I thought it was the weird weather this summer (cool then warmer then cooler then warmer then…) but it never stopped. Anyway they always seem to have a halo of hair around them.

Fluffleupagus Turns One

Happy Birthday Fluffleupagus
Happy Birthday, bunny!

We let her in the hay bag. I don’t know why, but evidently, hay is extra delicious directly from the bag. Also, she’s been getting carrot pieces everyday this week.

She’s a great bun! A bit runty for a Flemish Giant (which are supposed to be 13+ pounds) — Fluff is 14.5 or so — but that’s probably just as well. The poops, they’re so big and there’s so many! :)


Fluffleupagus turned six months old on January 8th, and in anticipation, we scheduled her for a spay yesterday. The vet kept her overnight (I think it’s standard with Fluff and Hellspawn’s doctor), and we picked her up today. Hellspawn really missed her all night. He was all freaked out, wondering what we’d done to his girl Fluffa.

She has a crazy shaved area and wound on her underside and a little hairless patch on her arm from the iv.

So she’s stuck in her cage for a week or so, which is fine for now, but I know she’s gonna hate it once she starts to heal more. She’s used to having the run of the whole house, not some itty bitty cage. At least Hellspawn is in there with her.

Oh, and while she was at the vet’s office, they did another fecal float, and she has coccidia, so she’s going to have to take antibiotics. Last time they tested her, in November, she tested negative, but maybe it was a false negative. We’re going to have to start them both on medication in a few days after she heals a bit. Poor girl, one thing after another.

At least she’s eating!

A Really Long (Boring) Gush About Our Bunnies

Okay, seriously, I don’t remember much of what happened in 2010 after July, now. But obviously the most significant thing was our bunnies! We picked up our little baby Flemish Giant bunny Fluffleupagus on September 18th.

And then we (well mostly I but whatevs) were really concerned that our poor girl was lonely while we were at work all day, so on November 7th, we went to RabbitEars and picked up Hellspawn, who we think is a Mini Lop. (Okay, we didn’t think anything except maybe smushy faced lop. The vet thinks he’s a Mini Lop, much better source of information than us.)
Speed Dating

She’s basically the sweetest bunny ever (although she’s chewing up our carpet and we have to watch cords around her, she’s destroyed quite a few ’cause we’re not always conscientious and we didn’t wrap all our cords).
Alf Lies Down
He doesn’t look like it, but he’s the biggest grump ever! When he’s upset (or by this time, it could be habit, we’re not sure anymore), he jumps on our bed and pees. Just one spot, surrounded by 2 (or 20) poops, so we know it’s him!
Surveying Her Domain
She still jumps up on our bed now and then, but he’s currently banned from the bed; we’re too scared to test him. (We’re well trained. :p) On the other hand, when we adopted him he basically had perfect poop habits, always in the litterbox, except when angry, but little lady Flufflela is a bad influence and now we pick up poop all the time. Good thing the little poop balls aren’t gross except for when they’re soft.

By the way, bunnies can be litterbox trained. When misa and neb got their bunnies and told us about that, it was a game changer. We were talking for a long time about getting a dog, and afterwards it became maybe a dog and a rabbit (or two), but now (years later) that we have Fluffa and Hellspawn, we’re pretty settled — I don’t think we’re getting a dog anymore. I’m not claiming zero pee mistakes, but pretty close. Also two bunnies is not much more work than one, except when they’re not bonded. When they were still working on becoming buddies, it was so. much. work. They kept peeing in and near each other’s areas (we were keeping them separate) as a territory marking sort of a thing and it was awful. Now that they are chums, it’s not too much extra work at all. So worth it.
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