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Sweet pies

Savory pies

Moar Apples!

Lately, one basin of fruit including some apples hasn’t been enough, so we have been buying a bunch of apples, and some other fruit too. Enough to fill 2 medium stainless steel bowls! (Also I seem to have lost the ability to talk or write about anything but apple.)

moar apples!

Leaf told me that she couldn’t trust my taste in apples because I seem to be liking everything, but you know, the other day, I got some grocery store apples (organic Fuji and Honeycrisp) both of which are on my yum list, and they just didn’t measure up! They were crispy and cool, so satisfied that part for me, but the flavors just weren’t the same. Yut and I both thought they were sweet but insipid. Blandy bland. I still ate mine up because I didn’t care, it was apple, but it definitely wasn’t as good as the ones at the farmers’ market where they claim that they were tree-ripened and recently picked. Also, I was reading this Orange Pippin site where they talk about apple varieties and users review them and whatnot and lots of people say that Golden Delicious is a perfectly fine apple picked tree-ripened east of the Mississippi. So I may just be in the wrong place to get a really good Golden Delicious. (What, you don’t go looking for websites about apples??? :p)

I wish there was a way to tell at a grocery store if the apples are going to be good, but it seems very iffy, because I have gotten good apples at the grocery store before, it’s just not a guaranteed thing. Actually this may be why I’m not generally a fan of apples. This is the first year I’ve really gotten a lot of apples since my parents used to take us apple picking in the fall time — mostly Red Delicious and Golden Delicious. Back then, I vaguely thought Golden were better than Red Delicious I think, but I don’t remember loving apple. Leaf maybe remembers better than I do.

So I guess if you know for a fact that the apples are good quality, organic, tree-ripened, brought directly from a farm, then my apple advice holds! Otherwise even the best apples can be boring!

Good apples I have eaten this year: Mutsu (Crispin), Pippin, Honeycrisp, Fuji, Cameo, McIntosh, Jonagold, Empire, Gala.

Bad apples I have eaten this year: Golden Delicious, Honeycrisp, Fuji

Oh and by the way, this advice holds for Asian pears too. I have had really yummy Asian pears from the farmers’ market (most recently Shinko and Niitaka varieties), but also really blah Asian pears from the Asian grocery, even the premium ones. I do believe there’s a difference! Of course, your mileage may vary and I suppose there may be confirmation bias going on. But that’s what I think. :)


I’ve been craving fruit a lot lately. Actually smoothies too, but fruit more. And most recently, it’s apples — which is great cos they’re in season. But not all apples are the same!

Fruit Bowl

I prefer apples to be super crisp, and sweet. Tart is ok, but sweet is better. So, in case you’re looking for a high quality apple, I have apple advice! I’ve eaten more apples this year than I have in the last like five.

Good apples: Fuji, Honeycrisp, Empire, Gala, Mutsu (Crispin)

Bad apples: Red Delicious, Golden Delicious

You know why they’re bad apples? Because they’re not crisp. They’re more… mealy? Like you can practically make applesauce just by biting into it. So if you don’t care for crispy apples, then no worries, Red and Golden Delicious might be perfectly lovely for you. But if your taste in apples is similar to mine, then the other ones will be better. That is all. Yum apples!

That fruit bowl by the way, is fruit for two people for a week. Lately I have been obsessed by fruit so we buy a bunch every Saturday at the farmers’ market. It used to be that we would buy like 6 fruit (say 2 pluots and 4 peaches or whatever) but now that would last 2-3 days and in fact, even that fruit bowl, we had to stop by the farmers’ market yesterday to supplement with two more apples. I have an apple problem. IT’S MADNESS, MADNESS I TELL YOU. Alas the recent apples were Golden Delicious and even though they were picked the day before, they weren’t crisp enough. Also, I don’t insist on buying fruit at the farmers’ market, although I suppose I do sort of prefer it, but in this case, we just happened to be going by one so we stopped.

Edited to add Mutsu apples to the Good list! Cos we went to the farmers’ market and bought: grapes (Thompson?), 2 types of pluots (Dapple Dandy and Flavor Grenade), peach (Summerset?), Asian pear (Nijiseiki?), and of course apples (Mutsu, Fuji, Gala, Honeycrisp, I think — they were out of Empire and I didn’t bother with anything that wasn’t supposed to be super crispy, not even Jonagold). It’s not as much as it sounds because sometimes with organic apples, they are small. But oh so delicious. :)

In Which I Am Weird

Peanut butter on pizza crust

The other day we had some pizza. When I got to the crust, I thought yum, this is good crust! Then I thought, mmm I’m really in the mood for bread and peanut butter. So this happened. It was good! But you know, this is Trader Joe’s creamy peanut butter and I’m not sure I’m loving it. It is nice and creamy and stays creamy but I feel like I want more peanut taste? Am I nuts? (Har har) Maybe I should buy the salted version.

Although I keep hearing that Laura Scudder makes the best peanut butter, so we might have to try that — except I’ve never actually seen it in a store before, possibly because we’ve taken to shopping primarily at the farmers’ market and Trader Joe’s, but still. Wow that was a ridiculously run-on sentence.

Hello Summer!

Blueberries are back in season! I always feel like summer’s really starting when local organic blueberries are back at the farmers’ market. Sadly the season only lasts for like two months. So a quart of blueberries a week while it lasts.


More Brunchy Meals

When we visited my sister in December, she and her husband served us eggs with fresh avocado and salsa for breakfast after we arrived. It was yum — not like anything particularly special, but yum! Or so I thought at the time, but go fig, now it’s something we eat quite often. I don’t know, we are on a weird breakfast kick maybe, but we’ve eaten it for brunch, lunch, dinner, you name it. :)

Eggs, Avocado, Salsa

It’s super easy. First you cook an egg or two or three, any way you like it. My sister did over easy. I like mine crispy but with a soft yolk center — just the center part can be soft and runny! There has to be a ring of cooked yolk around the runny part. I don’t like raw whites. I love eggs, but I’m weird about them. I mean, I’ll probably eat them other ways, but this is my favorite. Luckily, Yut has gotten used to cooking eggs like this because the other problem is that I never cook eggs right. Yeah, it’s true, I do not like the way I cook eggs. Also, I always have to crack them into a bowl because too many times I have cracked shell into eggs, then fished it out, I thought, but then bitten into my eggs and ate shell. Yuck. Hrmm, the verbs in that sentence look wrong to me. ANYWAY. I scoop out the avocado randomly ’cause no one’s looking anyway, or not for long. Then I spoon out some salsa. In this case, it’s Trader Joe’s Chunky Salsa, which is rather good. It’s my fave jarred salsa that I can think of right now. And voila, that’s it! You could also cook a little bit of oatmeal I suppose (just to tie in with the previous post). :)


Today we had oatmeal, duck crépinettes (like sausages), and broccolette (I’ve also seen them called sprouting broccoli) for dinner. It was like brunch! The organic broccolette was from Costco! All we did was bake them with olive oil, salt, and a teeny bit of sugar, then broil them for the last few minutes. The crépinettes we just cooked by themselves in a pan over the stove. Both of those were fast and easy. You know what turned out to be the most complicated? The oatmeal! We bought steel cut oats last time just to try them. I usually just buy old-fashioned and cook them in the microwave for like 2 minutes, but you can’t cook steel cut oats in the microwave! So I had to cook them over the stove top for like 30 minutes. Then I added lots of honey and cinnamon for Yut. For me, I added a little honey and cinnamon, and a spoonful of vanilla ice cream — keekeekee, I’m not good at eating healthy. :)

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