Boy, people have opinions on their avatars! Okay really two people, but whatevs! On this blog, that’s a lot.

WordPress automatically shows a Gravatar, based on your email. If you don’t have a Gravatar, then it’ll use what the administrator of your blog chose. I think blank is an option, but I didn’t pick those. I picked to randomly generate an avatar! So I don’t control it people! I didn’t choose to give you a unibrow or make you sickly green or whatever (you know who I mean). But since there were complaints, I’ve switched to using Monster IDs instead of Wavatars. (More information available on the Gravatar blog.)

To pick what kind of default avatar you want to show on your WordPress blog, log in as an Administrator. Then go to Settings -> Discussion. In the Discussion page, scroll down. Go ahead, scroll a little more. Find the Avatars section, then choose your Default Avatar. (You can also choose to not have an avatar, of course.) And that’s it. So I was using Wavatars, but now I’ve switched to MonsterID. The avatars that are generated are based on your email so if you don’t like it, use a different email. Or I can switch back to Wavatars, I suppose. :)

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush

We bought Kingdom Rush for the iPad and this weekend we have been totally addicted! It’s a tower defense game, which we like, and it’s on sale, so we figured why not. Compared to The Creeps!, which I have previously recommended, I think Kingdom Rush is more polished, and there’s kind of a story. Yut thought maybe deeper too. But it’s shorter, only thirteen levels, The Creeps! had lots of levels for the free version with lots of in-game purchase levels; I haven’t totally finished all of the included levels yet. We’ve played through all thirteen levels in Kingdom Rush at least once on Easy, but haven’t gone back to look at the other modes for each level. This game also has a building with units to guard and stop the creep which was somewhat reminiscent of Ninja Town which was one of my favorite Nintendo DS games (seriously you should pick that up if you have a DS whatever), so I was extra predisposed to like it, I think. Anyway, I liked it! If you like tower defense games and want to play one, I am recommending this. (And also The Creeps!) [via Tools & Toys]

By the way, I wrote this post on an iPad, using the WordPress app. I think if I was on a computer, I probably would’ve linked to the Kingdom Rush and The Creeps! websites. And the specific post wherein I wrote about the Creeps, but it just felt like kind of a pain. The plan is, I’ll edit and add those in later. :) I mention this ’cause it kind of clarifies how I feel like the process is convenient enough to mean the difference between blogging and not blogging, but isn’t really great yet.

Edited: I added in some links! Also, you can try Kingdom Rush, there’s a free Flash-based version. I still think it’s worth getting. Playing TDs (tower defense games) on the iPad is a nice experience — the touchscreen is a good interface, and it’s nice to play wherever.

Blogging with an iPad

As part of my whole blog-more-than-once-a-quarter or half year or whatever effort, I’ve been trying to write posts on Yut’s iPad. I installed the WordPress app a while back (also available on Android and Blackberry, but I have never tried them), but I think I only ever wrote a test post. So last week, I made a couple of posts using it. Typing on the iPad isn’t that bad actually. I mean, it’s not great, but it’s okay. The biggest problem is probably auto-correction. On one hand, I count on it, but on the other hand, it tries to correct Yut to Yup. Still, the experience wasn’t bad.

Alas, the WordPress app is … kind of inadequate. If all you’re trying to do is add a simple post with no photos, it’s not bad, but somehow, doing anything extra is harder. I hope that it’ll get better since it does get updates now and then. Anyway, I think some of the fault lies with flickr. I host photos on flickr because I like flickr and because I don’t want to deal with hosting photos, but the flickr app is no good either! And I’m not sure if I should hope that flickr is going to get much better unless Yahoo! decides to do more with it or sell it.

So… overall, I don’t think the experience is quite there yet. Not undoable, and I think I will sometimes do it. Using an iPad is just such a pleasure — don’t have to think about it much, it’s easy, and no waiting for the computer to turn on. But if it was my only choice, I don’t think I would like it much. I wrote this on my computer, but actually this post would probably have been relatively suitable for writing on the iPad. Except maybe I put in too many links for it to have been easy.

Happy New Year!

It’s the end of 2011. Good riddance. It’s been a stressful year at work, although I know I’m supposed to be grateful I have a job, so I shouldn’t complain. Blech! Other than work though, I think this year has been alright so I am grateful for that.

The joke is that the New Year is the time to make resolutions to break soon thereafter. I’m not usually much of a resolution maker, but this year I’m jumping on the bandwagon: I’m gonna un-abandon this blog and post more often! Wohahaha, let’s see if I can keep it up. :)

Changes! Again!

I’m changing my theme. It feels like once ever year or two I just feel like I want something different. But then I have to tweak it, which is a bit of work since I don’t know what I’m doing really. I think I might tone down the colors a bit, and I need to fix the archives. Maybe change the link style, too. It’s more worth it if I like it enough.

So what do you think? Good theme?

WordPress 2.6.1

WordPress 2.6.1 is out. I think this is supposed to be good news, but I’m just relieved that it’s not a security release — just bug fixes — so it’s optional! Anyways, 2.6 has been working pretty well, so unless y’all are having problems with the site (in which case, please let me know!) I think I’m going to laze outta this one. :D

Btw, I made a Links page listing some of the blogs I like, in case you’re in need of more time wasters. :)


I just spent a chunk of Saturday updating this site with a new theme — I dunno, the default one just doesn’t look nice to me.  What do y’all think? :)

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