McCain’s concession speech was really conciliatory and respectful. Classy; I don’t think we could’ve asked for more.

OMG, some part of me didn’t think this could happen. Wow. Just wow.

On a lighter note, this is from pol:
C-C-C-Combo Breaker!


One Last Time

Edited to add:
OMG, I have ads for “Yes on [California Proposition] 8” all of a sudden– dude, noooo, VOTE NO ON 8!!! Everyone should be able to get married, and enjoy all of the rights and responsibilities of marriage, if they feel like it. No discrimination if we can help it. Holy cow, yucks.

Okay, so probably a lot of you have already voted. But if you haven’t, please go! (Haha I am so convincing.) I think Gene Weingarten’s essay on voting was beautiful, and states it so much better than I ever could.

AAAAAND, if you’re going to vote, but you’re still undecided (I should think this election it’d be easier to decide than most elections, but I know there are still undecided people out there), People in the Middle for Obama (via boingboing):

Also, The New Yorker’s endorsement (via kottke and blurbomat), well worth reading even if you’ve decided. But hey, even if you disagree with me, or even if you can’t decide who to vote for for president, go vote anyways. There are a lot of Congress people up for election, and there are always propositions and other ballot initiatives to vote on as well; there’s more than just one thing on the ballot.

Still not convinced? Free stuff, listed by others on the interwebs (including Ben & Jerry’s and Starbucks):



Live (more or less) blogging the presidential debate!

6:10pm – Jim Lehrer asked Obama and McCain about the bailout. Obama said that it’s obvious that the idea espoused by the Repubs that no regulation whatsoever is good for the economy isn’t working. McCain said that it was great that Congress is being so bipartisan. No mention of any economics.

6:18pm – McCain: “I was called ‘the Sheriff’!” He hates pork barrel spending more than anything! He’s not Miss Congeniality!

6:19pm – Lehrer keeps insisting that the candidates address each other. I think they keep forgetting. McCain doesn’t like to look at Obama for some reason.

6:24pm – They are getting feisty!

6:30pm – Doesn’t matter what the question is, McCain’s answer is less spending! Less pork!

6:33pm – Obama: “A spending freeze is like using a hatchet where we need a scalpel.”

6:35pm – Lehrer: “Let me try and phrase this a different way.” I think he’s trying to get McCain to talk about something besides spending less and/or less pork. He also asked about how the economy is going to affect the way the president “rules” — this is news to me!!! The president is not our king!

6:37pm – McCain: “Less spending!!!”

6:43pm – Obama: “Senator McCain likes to pretend the war in Iraq started in 2007 with the surge.”

6:45pm – McCain: “I’m afraid Senator Obama doesn’t understand the difference between tactics and strategy.”

6:55pm – Now that they’re talking about Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan instead of the economy, McCain is suddenly ok with spending, and his new slogan is Petraeus Roxors! He’ll fix Afghanistan (or whatever) as soon as he fixes Iraq.

7:02pm – Lehrer says that they are both even on time, but they have both gone over.

7:10pm – Did Obama just help McCain pronounce Ahmadinejad?

7:15pm – I’m getting tired of McCain continually saying that Obama “just doesn’t understand” blahblahblah. It’s really patronizing and disrespectful.

7:20pm – Omg, McCain likes to talk about how he travels to places, like Iraq and Russia and whatnot (ad nauseum). I wonder who’s paying for the flights. Stop telling me about your travels like I give a damn. More content, less slogans, less show, please.

7:30pm – I like how Obama gives credit to McCain for things like standing up to Bush on torture, where it’s due. It’s a far cry from McCain’s stupid “just doesn’t understand” bit. I get it, dude, you don’t think he’s got as much experience as you, but saying that he just doesn’t understand over and over again doesn’t work, and it got annoying a long time ago. Answer the damn question instead! Gaaaaaaah!

Okay it’s over — 7:40pm


Our phone number came up in some random survey about the election, and of course I’m more than happy to tell them my opinions! Which is the opposite of Yut so it works out rather well — the minute that Yut hears that it’s a survey he puts the phone on speaker and hands it to me. So they ask me things like what’s the most important issue in this election for me (the environment, duh!), and all sorts of other things, like if I’m a moderate or liberal or conservative, do I pay attention to the election (a lot? somewhat? not at all?). And it finally gets to the end where they’re basically not even asking about issues anymore, they’re just asking demographic information, like race and stuff. And then the poor guy asks about our annual household income, listing things like under $15,000, yadayada, and so I pick a range and tell the surveying person, that’s it! But one glance at Yut, and I correct myself, “Hold on a sec, I think I’m wrong cos he’s making the craziest face!” So yeah, it turns out I have no idea what we make in a year. And it’s the same thing when he asked if we felt like we were getting ahead or falling behind or staying the same – I’m just not too sure, so I hem and haw and finally tell him about the same. But ok, maybe I’m a time waster for them, but at least I’m nice about the whole thing, not that it took more than 15 minutes even with my indecision.

Second Out of Three, This Year

Okay, I believe in voting, but dooooooood!!! I’m voting again — this time in the California state primary election, as in the primaries for US Representatives, the State Senators, etcetc, state stuff. Why couldn’t they have bundled these votes in with the national primary election is beyond me, seems like a waste of time and money. They’re expecting really low turnout, but it would’ve been super high if they’d done this in February. It’s ridiculous! Gah! Erm, ok, end rant. :D

Wait! One more thing! Another annoying thing is that researching this stuff is hard! I’ve been checking the Sierra Club and California League of Conservation Voters and etcetc for endorsements, but they don’t mention everything that’s on the ballot, especially the people I haven’t heard of, of course. I have resorted to checking Facebook, for goodness’ sakes. Geez. Okay now I’m done, for real this time.

Candidate Match

misa and I were talking about the presidential candidates the other day, and she mentioned Dennis Kucinich, and lo and behold, like a day later I see this Slate article, Stop lying to yourself. You love Dennis Kucinich (via mingaling). And it’s true, I took USA Today’s Candidate match game and Gravel and Kucinich keep coming on top (some of the questions I’m ok with answering multiple ways). And for all the rest of the quizzes that are mentioned in the article (I like the Candidate Calculator which is similar to Pick Your Candidate), I get Kucinich too. Dang! The top three Democratic candidates (Clinton, Obama, and Edwards) and all the Republican candidates never come out on top. I kinda wish Al Gore would run, except he’s probably right, he can do more good by doing what he’s doing now instead of running for office. Pretty interesting, if slightly disheartening. But try it out, what do y’all think? (Besides that I’ve gone quiz mad:P)

Unrelated, but I’m slightly addicted to FreeRice. I hope they’re really donating rice cos if so, I have donated hecka rice!


Isn’t it funny how instead of trying to argue that global warming isn’t happening, now the climate change/global warming skeptics are trying to argue that there were errors in “An Inconvenient Truth,” and things aren’t that dire. Really? So if whole cities aren’t underwater then we don’t have a problem?! And anyways, a lot of the points are nitpicky. Gore claimed that hurricanes will get stronger as an effect of global warming, not that global warming was the direct cause of Hurricane Katrina. And the Ocean Conveyor won’t stop, it’s just going to slow down. Etc.

Anyways! Congratulations to Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

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