Well, it turns out, I am terrible at predictions. Or I’m not as bad as I thought. Or … gosh, IT’S JUST ALL CRAZY!

The championship game is tonight at 7pm Eastern (4pm Pacific) between Villanova and UNC, but … it doesn’t even matter. None of us picked them for some reason. I mean, in hindsight, why not UNC? They’re a 1 seed. But we collectively didn’t, so the standings now are the standings for the Know Nothing No Downside Not Much Upside contest/pool/thingie 2016.

Me: 66 (Michigan St. over Kansas)
misa: 62 (Kansas over Michigan St.), Kay: 62 (Virginia over Kansas)
Lew: 60 (Virginia over Kansas)
Seth: 55 (Kansas over Michigan St.)
YuHK: 52 (Michigan St. over Oregon)
Leaf: 51 (Virginia over Kansas), Yut: 51 (Michigan St. over Kansas)

YUP, I won. It turns out I really am a basketball genius. And misa (who mentioned that her sister-in-law has a Kansas dog bed in the facts she knew column) and Kay (gosh, gone are the days when she picked Air Force all the way) are tied for 2nd. Lew is third (if only Virginia did better). But there’s very few points differentiating first from last. It’s like we really (don’t) know basketball or something.

Anyway… so I think in terms of tradition, I coincidentally will get a trip out of this. New York in September, right? :)

Holy Wow

Um, I haven’t even posted an introduction post yet about this year’s March Madness. BUT OMG! Michigan State is out!!! They’re a #2! It’s not unheard of for a 15th seeded team to beat a 2, but it’s rare. AND a bunch of us picked them in to the finals! AND I picked them to win it all. So… new prediction: I am not winning this year, despite my basketball genius-ness. :D

I haven’t watched any games but I periodically check the scores, and OMG I just… I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! My bracket is already all messed up. My entire Midwest region just … poof (I also picked Purdue to go far)! Some of you Virginia fans (Lew, I didn’t even have to look to guess that you picked Virginia all the way) are safe but gosh for the rest of us, wow. Okay that is all.


So the tournament’s not over ’til Monday night, but it’s all over for the Know-Nothing-No-Downside-Not-Much-Upside pool-contest-thingie. That’s because the two teams playing for the finals are UConn and Kentucky, which NONE OF US PICKED. So this is the final result.

YuHK: 64
Yut: 60
me, K: 57
YB, Seth: 56
Polaris: 52
misa: 49
Lew: 48
Leaf: 41

Yes, Leaf, you can still be last. And well, either basketball is stoopid or we are, since we’re all done already. And yes, for the second year in a row, YuHK won it all. DUDE, I just gave him his prize yesterday for LAST YEAR. Well anyway, congratulations!

Winners and prizes, to the best of my memory. If I got it wrong, please correct me. Yes the prizes really are that lame. Except mine. :)

2014: YuHK (congratulations — see above — and we’ll deign to have dinner with you on Tuesday)
2013: YuHK (Pilot 78g fountain pen and 2 ink cartridges)
2012: YB (baby shirt, upf 50, organic, local etc — I combined it with a baby gift for her daughter)
2011: Seth (little bottles of olive oil from the farmer’s market)
2010: K (earrings from a local artisan)
2009: YB (congratulatory text)
2008: me! (trip to Chicago)
2007: Yut (kiss, hearty handshake, and congratulations)
2006: Yut (kiss and hearty handshake)
2005: misa (bunny candles from the farmer’s market)

There’s still a trend here where only people with names starting with Y can repeat. I just do not understand!

At the End of the First Weekend

Dude, there were some crazy results. I actually didn’t watch any games, but every now and then I checked the scores and OMGWTFBBQ?! Wichita State (#1 Midwest) is out, so is Duke! Villanova is out, so is Syracuse. Stanfurd beat Kansas!

YuHK: 48
YB: 44
Lew: 42
mim: 41
tigs, Seth: 40
Pol: 39
Kaffryn: 38
misa: 37
CT, not winning: 35

Actually, to give her credit, CT had an amazing Day 2, where she called 14/16 games. Alas, for round 2, she called 6/16 games, and every team she picked for the next round is done already in the South region. YuHK, meanwhile has a perfect West Region after round two. I guess we’ll see what happens next Thursday, but YuHK also has the fewest points already lost so…

Brackets and Day 1

So I got three submissions via spreadsheet, but I was goofy and didn’t add the other brackets to Yahoo. So anyway here are everyone’s brackets!

CT: Louisville over Kansas

Kay: Florida over Arizona

Lew: Virginia over Michigan

misa: Virginia over Arizona

Polaris: Kansas over Arizona

Seth: Florida over Louisville

YB: Louisville over Michigan St.

YuHK: Florida over Arizona

Yut: Florida over Michigan

and lastly, mine: Florida over Louisville

Current Standings
mim, Yut: 14
YuHK, Lew: 13
Kaffryn, Polaris: 12
misa: 11
YB: 10
CT, Seth: 9

Also, just as a congratulations, here’s the previous years’ records!
2013: YuHK
2012: YB
2011: Seth
2010: K
2009: YB
2008: me!
2007: Yut
2006: Yut
2005: misa

I still have YuHK’s little bit of upside. HAHAHA. Oy. Well look, no one said this was a classy, well organized, knowledgeable contest. :)

Alas, Yahoo

Last year, I used Yahoo to run the Know-Nothing Pool, so I just automatically turned it on again cos it was easy. But this year, they are requiring phone numbers. Worse, they make it sound like it’s for security, but they are reserving the right to send 2 marketing text messages from Yahoo per week! So, I get it, some of you will not want to give out your phone number. I’ve sent out the spreadsheet that Todd makes and you can send me that instead. Email me if you want a copy and haven’t gotten it. Next year I’ll try ESPN or CBSSports or something else maybe. :)

More details (thanks to Yut for noticing!):
How to stop getting alerts to your phone from Yahoo
Play Tourney Pick’em with a landline number

I still need brackets ASAP! :)

A Quick Note About March Madness

People! The teams have been picked and it’s time to turn in your brackets! :)
I hope most of you received emails, if not check your spam or let me know (mim at this domain) and I will resend an invite. Due Thursday 9am EDT!

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