As of 3PM

Last night, around 6pm:

me: g’town losing btw
we are f’d

Leaf: oh shit
i said theyd go all the way… u know why?
gawd i’m dumb
ask me why

me: why

Leaf: i like the name otto


Leaf: damn otto
from beetle bailey right?
he was so cute

me: great reason
I picked them too
so I am in same boat

Leaf: ok what’s your reason?

me: I just thought they were good and they were a local team

Leaf: oh

me: guess they weren’t that good:p

Leaf: hahaha

me: when Maryland won, I didn’t pick them to win it
And i regretted it

Leaf: aww

Which doesn’t explain this, at 3:15pm today:
Yut, Leaf: 24!
mim, pol: 23
YuHK, misa: 22
Kaffryn: 21
Lewis, Seth: 19

That’s right, three out of the top four have Georgetown all the way! Leaf is tied for first! What the what?!

Although it does encapsulate perfectly the first part of the name of our little contest; know-nothing indeed. I mean, yes, Leaf knew that Otto Porter is a star for Georgetown, but she picked them because she liked his name because it was the name from a cute comic strip dog. (I had to look up what Otto had to do with Georgetown.) I picked because of sentimental regional reasons. This doesn’t get better with explaining. :D

Anyway, Georgetown, I am disappointed. Isn’t it supposed to be the year of the Jesuits?!

Ignoramuses Like Georgetown to Win It All

You guys, we have nine people playing this year. And of those nine, four of us picked Georgetown to win it all! I guess a lot of us pick based on geography in lieu of actual knowledge.

Speaking of which, Polaris tried to claim that he hadn’t paid any attention to college basketball as a reason to not bother to join, but I arm twisted him with the most important fact about this particular contest: this is probably the first time since last April most of us even realized people play college basketball.

I’m trying to imagine some of us indignant over this blog post so far, but I can’t even. :)

Standings (in point order with name and name of bracket, except for the boring folks who took the trouble to rename their brackets but only to their names, and we won’t name names because I don’t want to):
Yut (Bunny Whisperer): 13
Leaf (Leaf’s Legit Bracket): 12 (WTF?!)
YuHK: 11
mim: 10
pol (pol’s wat is this i dont even): 10
Lew (Lew’s Pseudo-bracketology): 9
Kaffryn (Kaffryn’s Special Bracket): 9
Seth (Seth’s Bracket): 9
misa (Frogger Logger): 9

Here are our brackets, with scoring for the first day (because I took the screenshots just now, and all the games for the day have been played):

Yut — Indiana over Louisville

Leaf — Georgetown over Michigan State

YuHK — Louisville over Miami

mim — Georgetown over Louisville

pol — Georgetown over Michigan State (Two out of nine of us with this combination!)

Lew — Georgetown over Duke

Kay — Gonzaga over Florida

Seth — Louisville vs Miami (Two out of nine of us with this combination, too!)

misa — Indiana over Louisville (Two out of nine of us with this combination; the third common one!)

How do you guys like Yahoo!? I think it’s nice — everyone can check their scores with no trouble at all, and with pictures! :)


Guys, I was gonna go to bed. Then I remembered that BRACKETS are due tomorrow at like noon EST, which is 9am PST which is too early to think about sports. So here I am filling out my bracket. Don’t forget, you need to too if you want to play!

For all those who haven’t filled one out yet:
Hellspawn can’t bear to look at you, and even Fluffleupagus is looking at you askance.

OMG! Selection Sunday!

You guys, guess what today was? Yes! Yes it was Selection Sunday! As in the brackets are out! I hadn’t even realized until I saw it on The Washington Post (I’m partial to it). Sheesh. So this means that it’s time for the Know Nothing No Downside Not Much Upside Pool! This year, I was thinking, I don’t want to be so lame and slow with my scoring and taking screenshots and all sorts of things like that. So I am going to try Yahoo! Although if you have a preferred one that’s not Yahoo! please let me know I surely don’t care. So I made a group! I think if you go to, you can join? Password is the initials of our last winner!

Rules and whatnot:
The scoring is: 1 pt for each first round game, 2 pts for each second round game, then 3, 4, 6, and finally 8 pts for the championship game. (Thanks to Todd.)

Previous winners:
2012: YB
2011: Seth
2010: K
2009: YB
2008: ME!
2007: Yut
2006: Yut
2005: misa

It’s totally true, this is the only pool (I am guessing) where the only two time winners are Yut and YB. There’s like a Y first initial thing going on or something. So if you’ve won before and your initial isn’t Y, it’s not looking good. Hehehehehe! I am making every person who has ever taken statistics ever angry. :)

No worries, being bad at statistics won’t hurt you in this game!

March Madness — Done for weeks!

Sorry everyone, I don’t know why but I just never got around to posting this, even though I watched the championship game more or less.

So, let’s do the Final Four:
Final Four

YB: 81
Kay: 67
mim: 62
CT: 60
Seth, Yut: 58
Lew: 56
misa: 55

So wow, YB was like a million points ahead already, and I don’t think I’m giving anything away when I say that it won’t change. (Congrats!) But, just to be all official, here’s the rest of the scores.

Final Scores after the championship

Final Standings:
YB: 89
CT (!!!): 68
Kay: 67
Seth: 66
me: 62
Yut: 58
Lew: 56
misa: 55

There was actually some movement in the rest of the standings, but YB won it all! This is her second win. I’ll think of something but so far there’s been nothing in terms of prizes. I figure I have ’til May when I am actually going to see YB to worry about it. (Master Procrastinator)

Somehow, CT ended up being 2nd. I don’t even know how this happened. I almost feel like maybe I need to go double check all of her scores. :) Then Kay. Sheesh! Meanwhile, on the bottom, misa didn’t even manage to beat Lew, whose championship team was out by the first weekend! Sorry Lew, I should’ve given you more credit. Turns out the rest of your bracket must’ve been ok!

So again, congratulations YB! Enjoy your Winner’s title ’til next year. :)

Second Weekend at an End

Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight games were played this weekend. In the Sweet Sixteen, there were two regions that ended up with the 1 and 2 seeds, one with the 1 and 3 seeds, but luckily in the West Region, Louisville (4) beat Michigan St (1) and Florida (7) beat Marquette (3) to make things more exciting. Of course, Yut doesn’t think it was too “lucky”, since he picked Michigan St all the way.


Standings after the Sweet Sixteen:
YB: 61
Kay: 53
Yut: 50
mim: 48
CT: 46
Lew: 42
Seth: 38
misa: 35

Hey look, no one’s tied with anyone else anymore!

Okay, now on to the Elite Eight games. Somehow, even though we picked different teams to win, all of us picked two games correctly no matter what, although no one picked Louisville. Amazingly, Lew’s random coin + UVa bias is still working out ok for him since Virginia was in the West region with Louisville, and no one picked Louisville anyway.


YB: 69
Kay: 61
Yut: 58
mim: 56
CT: 54
Lew: 50
Seth: 46
misa: 43

So how is it that YB and Kay are the only two with scores in the 60s?! And why didn’t I pick Kansas to the Final Four?! Darn UNC.

Scores After the First Weekend

Round 2

On Saturday, YB picked every. single. game. correctly — that’s sixteen points! Needless to say, she took over the lead. On the other hand, Lew’s coin totally failed him, and he only got two. He still had a the best day of any of us on Sunday, but it wasn’t enough to beat the YB juggernaut. She has 8 points more than the next possible person; she’s basically reached new heights of basketball awesomeness. I am totally shocked!!! (I know, and I was being so nice, too.) :)

It seems like what’s going on is that on half the round, it’s almost completely following the seeding, but on the other half, things have gone crazy. Not that I mind — I love upsets, even if they are totally messing up my bracket.

Standings after the first two rounds:
YB: 46
Kay, Yut: 38
Lew: 36
CT: 34
mim: 33
Seth: 29
misa: 26

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