Never mind about Summer

Yesterday Yut and I discussed whether we should turn on the heat! It’s late July. It was probably in the low 60s, maybe high 50s? In the end we put on some fleece and flannel and sweats and it was fine but sheesh.

I know people joke about how people with nothing to talk about like to talk about the weather. I guess I have nothing to talk about; I am evidently obsessed by weather. But ok, really, the Bay Area spoils me. I am only comfortable 65-80°F now and the “extremes” of those temperatures aren’t that comfortable.

This was kind of a humble brag, I apologize. The discomfort is real. :D


So you know how I like to complain about rain and bad weather? And wet pants and wet socks and wet shoes and etcetcetc? So I bought myself a pair of clompy clown-shoe wellies and solved that. Except today I didn’t check the weather report — it was cloudy-ish but not cold and so I didn’t wear the wellies and now I am wet. It’s windy and the rain’s coming down so hard my feet and bottom of my pants are soaked through. Now what I need is magical weather predicting powers. A good plan, no? But for now, I’ve taken off my shoes and socks and hidden them under this desk. It’ll have to do, but I really wish I could take off my pants. Soooo badly.

Weather Wimp Indignation

OMG, it’s so cold! I’m sitting at a desk, wearing a wool sweater, cords, scarf, hat, and coat!

It’s so cold that some of the buildings at work don’t have heat because parts of the steam system had to be shut down because of overwork (or something like that). The infrastructure can’t deal with the cold.

The only saving grace is that so far there’s been very little precipitation. Otherwise sleet, freezing rain, and snow might have to come back into my vocabulary!!! There’s already been news reports about black ice. Dude, people here do not know how to deal with black ice. Black ice is NEWS! (Okay, that particular article is about SoCal, but I saw a report on black ice on the evening news last night also.)

This is just not how it’s supposed to be!!!

Various and Sundry from SF

We went to the city today for dinner with Lingo at The Richmond, which is a rather nice and cozy and delicious place. Also, Lingo is a regular so the chef always comes out to say hello. Crazy eh?

Anyways, this is just to explain why we were on the BART playing Professor Layton (a fun puzzle game) on the DS, getting engrossed, and missing our station (which I twittered). The ride felt so long going to San Francisco, cos it was crowded enough that we couldn’t find seats, but it felt so short on the way home; gawd I don’t know how anyone goes anywhere without a DS. (Nintendo doesn’t pay me any money but they really oughta, doncha think? :p) Until we looked up and we were past our station. OOOOOPS.

Random other fact: we saw sooooo many people in SF wearing Santa costumes. Some of them were caroling! I don’t know, is this the weekend for Christmas/holiday parties??? I would’ve taken some photos but it was hella cold (40s) and I didn’t get a camera out in time. :p

And thanks for all the good wishes etc, I’m feeling better now. Luckily not a flu, cos I never quite got around to deciding about getting a flu shot, which means that I didn’t get one cos it’s no effort to not get one so it’s the default choice, if that makes any sort of sense. Still months of flu season though, so plenty of time to rue my decision or lack thereof. :p

Random Thoughts

  • Amongst canned root beers, Mug’s is better than A&W — more flavor, not so sweet, more bubbly. I should say though, that all three tasters (misa, yut, and me) prefer Coke to Pepsi. But in our defense, I found a Taster’s Choice article which agreed! Oh but one thing I want to mention, I think Hey-Song Sarsaparilla (from Taiwan, but available at Asian markets), which is similar-ish to root beer, is also pretty good, maybe better!
  • If you’re ever bored, check out Starcraft games (if you’re awake at 2am PST, you can watch them live if you install the GomPlayer) on No, I’m not usually this big of a nerd, it’s really all pol’s fault, he’s the one who told me about this. But it is kinda fun, and I wasn’t even ever a fan of Starcraft.
  • It’s pumpkin season! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin, oh yes!
  • It’s also getting to the rainy season — we’ve already had our first drizzle of autumn. In fact, it might be drizzling right now as I type. I’m thinking seriously about buying a space heater for the bathroom. Oh and a pair of wellies, which I thought of last year but not ’til closer to the end of the rainy season, and I kept thinking the rain was gonna stop soon. Sadly, I was continually wrong. :p
  • My computer messed up my profile or something twice in the last two weeks! I’m probably going to reinstall Windows this weekend. Blech — maybe I’ll beg Yut to take care of it for me. :D
  • But still, I’m so glad it’s the weekend!


Yesterday I was in Maryland and it was 90 degrees and humid and I wore a t-shirt and sweated rivulets.  Today I’m in the Bay Area and it’s more like 60 something and I’m wearing a coat.  If I come down with something, I guess I’ll know why.

I’m Melting Like the Wicked Witch of the West, Only With Less Water Involved.

Usually when I talk about the weather, it’s cos it’s cold and rainy and I don’t like it. Well today it’s hot and sunny, and I DON’T LIKE IT! It’s in the high 90s (like 97 or 98°F or like 36 to 37°C); walking to the water cooler makes me hot and sweaty. Around noon today, Leafy called me, and as we were talking, I had to continually switch the phone from one hand to the other because the arm holding the phone up would get sweaty at the inner elbow so I had to switch arms to give the other one a chance to dry. Gross, right?! Except I’m sure my face, hair, and clothing are no better. Also, I thought I was going to faint — I was trying to walk fast from one shady area to another, not that the shade helped all that much. Gaaaaah, I won’t even be able to go home until at least an hour after dark cos the apartment is an oven right now. I could’ve probably put tea in cold water this morning and when I get home I would have lukewarm tea, not that anyone would want warm tea on a day like today. I hope this is making sense, my brain feels all fried, like one of those “this is your brain on drugs” commercials from the 80s or 90s or whenever. Blech.

The sky is actually a more brilliant blue than this, but the sun is blazing about right, I think. :p

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