Family Dota Time

Family Dota time

TI5 hype!

Glad it’s Friday, I Guess

This morning, I woke up, and for a second I really thought it was Saturday! I thought I’d set my alarm by mistake; I even started to think of what I wanted to do. Soooo disappointed. Hot chocolate for breakfast to make up for it! Actually this is the first time since Trader Joe’s that I haven’t had a chocolate covered cherry for breakfast. Or three.

Worst Evar

It was the worst weekend of card playing ever. I was thinking of trying to use the quote from Dickens, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” but dude, it wasn’t the best of times at all; I lost at cards to everyone! Not that I was always last, but I never won.

I lost to K at Scotch Bridge or Up and Down the River or Oh Heaven, Oh Hell (whatever that game is called), then to Mike at Napoleon, then to Yuli at Napoleon. All the young’uns are growing up and I’m growing old. I probably only didn’t lose to Jimyo cos he was playing Block Party and Plants vs. Zombies and other video games for part of the time. Gaaaaah.

Speaking of Plants vs. Zombies, I think it’s been a hit with the whole family. We’ve played a LOT of Plants vs. Zombies. :) Worthy buy at ~$20.

This Can’t Be Happening

CT’s new secret strategy, the one she refused to discuss when she visited me, the one I laughed at her for, was worth keeping secret after all. She’s in the LEAD!!! Whaaaaaaaa?!

Here, look for yourselves:
Day 1
Let me say again, whaaaaaaa?! She missed one game! ONE! Actually though, as a group, we all did very well; the lowest score was a 12, which in previous years has been the high score.

The standings:
CT: 15
mim, Special K: 14
Lew, Yut: 13
Al, Ant, Jimyo, Lingo, misa, Supafly, YB, YuHK: 12
Barack (the POTUS): 11 (haha)
And I put together a “collective wisdom” bracket too, basing the picks on whatever team got picked the most, like a popularity contest for the picks, kinda like on ESPN’s National Bracket but just for our pool, and that one got 13 points.

Normally, I would be making all sorts of comments about K being tied with me and in second (surely worth a few !!!). And about Yut and Lew, doing well and tied — this has happened before, right? But honestly, I’m having too hard of a time with CT’s standing to concentrate on the rest. Anyways, the only thing I can say is, CT’s done this before (2007 and 2006), if not quite so impressively (ONE game!), but she hasn’t won yet. Gawd, I am mean, can’t even let her just savor the moment. :D

Hitting Up All of Her Fave Tourist Traps

My sister and mother are visiting this weekend. They got in last night after a bit of a nightmarish plane ride (skipping the grisly details, basically it was delayed flight, missed connection, lost luggage). So we take them to a good Mexican place that’s walking distance from home and the little motel/inn they’re staying at, and we all eat too much. Still no good random Mexican places in the DC area that we know of; taking suggestions. Although to be honest, for myself personally, when I’m visiting the DC area, I eat lots of Asian food, especially Chinese food, and I’m fine with that. And I don’t mean orange chicken, which is like Chinese American food, which is good in its own way but it’s not Chinese food.

Leaning Way Out of the StreetcarToday, we BARTed to San Francisco and got tea lattes at Coffee Bean, cos of course, why wouldn’t I?! Then we rode the trolley which dude, it’s gone up in price: $5 one way now. I dunno though, it’s darned worth it for a visitor, I think. Okay, I live in the Bay Area, I’ve been on it multiple times, and I still enjoyed myself immensely. :) Then we walked to Pier 39 and had some clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl — not bad, not awesome, darned filling. Then we shopped for souvenirs and looked at the sea lions. Then we rode the bus to the Ferry Building (Pier 2 area) and walked all over, stopping at like every shop, bought some cheese from Cowgirl Creamery, ate some gelato. Then we get out of the Ferry Building and there’s stalls outside! So we walk all around them. Then finally back to Berkeley in time to get ready for dinner at Chez Panisse, always excellent. Aaaaaand by the way, all the shopping and dinner was my family’s treat. YESSSSSS! I mean, thanks guys. Oh and the weather was basically perfect all day. And we played a few rounds of a variation of Sevens called Jielong or as K and Pol like to call it, Jello. Actually I don’t know who made up the “Jello” name, but I first heard it from K and Pol, and now we all call it Jello if we’re not talking to the parents. And now I should get ready for bed cos we are going to walk around Berkeley tomorrow (well today now) and go to the farmers’ market, which knowing Leaf, means going up and down the block a whole bunch of times. Or at least definitely more than once. :)

Crafts Fair

Frog Phone CharmYesterday there was a String Band competition (part of the Old Time Music Convention) and Crafts Fair going on right next to the farmer’s market. Lunch AND (fun) shopping and live music! Although the music was all banjos and whatnot, and I heard one older lady complain about the noise, so I suppose it’s personal preference; I feel like even if the music’s not my sort of thing, it makes things kinda festive.

I love crafts fairs and handmade things in general, but it’s hard to help buying something, which is really the only problem. I got this frog phone charm from a lady (Eri’s Studio) who makes metal and stone bracelets and rings (really cool stuff, I wish I brought my camera, only I didn’t know about the crafts fair ’til we got to the farmer’s market) and also knit hats of all types. Cute, and I’ve been meaning to get a new charm for my phone since the old one broke. It’s also completely one of a kind cos she said that there were way too many little pieces and she made one and decided not to make anymore. So wohahahaha! :p

Rainbow Connection

Christian Bale Kermit the Frog
Christian Bale and Kermit the Frog, side by side (via Mad Minerva). They are both delectable, especially Kermit. :p (The side by side post itself is fine, but some of the subsequent commenters on it have avatars that are probably NSFW. Thanks to Yut for noticing this!)

We finally went to see The Dark Knight on IMAX. It was quite good, possibly the best super hero movie to date, and you know how much I liked X-Men (hello, Captain. I mean Professor X!) — although it’s been a while since I saw that so probably not a fair comparison. The only thing is that the palette for Batman is so dark that it can be hard to catch all the action (on IMAX particularly?) — I told Yut after the movie that I thought Beauty and the Beast IMAX was a better IMAX experience, but I’m not sure I convinced him. Anyways, by now, there’s been plenty said about Batman, so suffice it to say, I wasn’t disappointed. But I don’t get this PG-13, cos there were definitely parts I had a hard time watching. Or I could just be wimpy.

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