Animal Crossing: City Folk

The first version of Animal Crossing for the Wii came out today! I loved it on the DS too, but it’s beautiful on the Wii and there’s some extra functionality (most of which I haven’t tried yet). I haven’t tried the online extra functionality because Nintendo is crazy protective when it comes to online play, so people can’t connect without a “friend code.” It’s ridiculous, especially since I got the Wii Speak version, in case someone else gets Animal Crossing or if there’s more games in the future that will use it. So I’m mim from Rain and my friend code is 5456-2890-2568 if anyone decides to BUY THE GAME. hint. :) If you do, come visit my town, I have apples.

A small sampling of life in Animal Crossing, so far:

mim, posing with my fishing pole
This is me standing in my town, about to go fishing. :) I imported my character from my DS saved game — pretty cool stuff. It doesn’t transfer over everything, just the catalog and the face/hair, as far as I can tell.

I riled up the bees!

Look what the bees did to my face!
They’re not nice or forgiving. I shook trees and got ravaged more than once, but after the first time, figured, “Already look like Quasimodo, so may as well shake more trees.” Also, shaking trees can give you bells (money). :)

Screenshots taken from within the game — it allows you to take “photos” and save them to an SD card.