Adi Robertson of The Verge reported today that there were a record-breaking 1.2 billion apps downloaded in the run up to Christmas, for both iOS and Android. The focus seems to be on the number of iOS (iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad) and Android (too many to enumerate) devices activated or whatever, but when I read the headline, my first thought was, haha boy were we exemplars of the trend.

We were on break and there were a lot of sales and we had time to look through lists and try out new stuff and our niece and nephew like to borrow our devices for games so we downloaded So. Much. Stuff. Especially games. Standouts from that week were The Creeps! and The Creeps! HD from Super Squawk Software and Jetpack Joyride from Halfbrick (the makers of Fruit Ninja which I also have). Yut and the nephew (and I think neb) liked Jetpack, but I haven’t tried it; Yut, the nephew and I all liked The Creeps! which was just a really good implementation of a tower defense style game. I think the base games were all on sale for free, but are worth money. The Creeps! HD for the iPad is nicer than The Creeps! cos it was nice to play on the bigger screen.

The Creeps! Screenshot

In case you were looking for a couple of games to pass the time. :)