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Sep 19 14


by mim

I’ve been craving fruit a lot lately. Actually smoothies too, but fruit more. And most recently, it’s apples — which is great cos they’re in season. But not all apples are the same!

Fruit Bowl

I prefer apples to be super crisp, and sweet. Tart is ok, but sweet is better. So, in case you’re looking for a high quality apple, I have apple advice! I’ve eaten more apples this year than I have in the last like five.

Good apples: Fuji, Honeycrisp, Empire, Gala

Bad apples: Red Delicious, Golden Delicious

You know why they’re bad apples? Because they’re not crisp. They’re more… mealy? Like you can practically make applesauce just by biting into it. So if you don’t care for crispy apples, then no worries, Red and Golden Delicious might be perfectly lovely for you. But if your taste in apples is similar to mine, then the other ones will be better. That is all. Yum apples!

That fruit bowl by the way, is fruit for two people for a week. Lately I have been obsessed by fruit so we buy a bunch every Saturday at the farmers’ market. It used to be that we would buy like 6 fruit (say 2 pluots and 4 peaches or whatever) but now that would last 2-3 days and in fact, even that fruit bowl, we had to stop by the farmers’ market yesterday to supplement with two more apples. I have an apple problem. IT’S MADNESS, MADNESS I TELL YOU. Alas the apples were Golden Delicious and even though they were picked the day before, they weren’t crisp enough. Also, I don’t insist on buying fruit at the farmers’ market, although I suppose I do sort of prefer it, but in this case, we just happened to be going by one so we stopped.

Jul 14 14

Random Interesting Links

by mim

Hey it’s another edition of random links!

Review: Plumb Goods Notebooks (& Giveaway): The Well-Appointed Desk is giving away a $50 gift certificate to KnockKnock/Plumb Goods. Just comment between now and Friday, July 18th at 10pm CST. She reviews the notebooks, too, which look lovely.

The Future Resident of Helsinki Will Not Own a Car: OMG this is the dream, as far as I am concerned. :) What will it take to get it done here?

Ohio Amish begin vaccinations amid largest measles outbreak in recent U.S. history: I kind of wish people were required to vaccinate before going to public places (unless you have a good reason like a compromised immune system, of course). Is that too harsh? It just seems to be one of those “your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins” sorts of things… Maybe I am oversimplifying, but please vaccinate. Sheesh.

16-Year-Old Says Her Rape Went Viral; Alleged Rapist Tweets His Innocence and Mocks Her: This is so damned sad. I hope that the existence of the photos is proof enough to charge these horrible people. She’s brave for speaking up.

My New Ink Journal in an Old but Loved ARC Notebook: I should do something like this. I mean, I sort of do, but in a bound journal and I just write a quickie quote. And I do it randomly when I think of it. Well… maybe that’s close enough. HAHA

TWSBI Mini Fountain Pen 1.1mm Clear Piston Filler Review: I love this pen. Everything he says about it is true! I really don’t like the tinted hood in the cap though — mine cracked. It doesn’t affect the functionality of the pen at all.

Should I organize these links?

Jul 11 14

In Which I Am Weird

by mim

Peanut butter on pizza crust

The other day we had some pizza. When I got to the crust, I thought yum, this is good crust! Then I thought, mmm I’m really in the mood for bread and peanut butter. So this happened. It was good! But you know, this is Trader Joe’s creamy peanut butter and I’m not sure I’m loving it. It is nice and creamy and stays creamy but I feel like I want more peanut taste? Am I nuts? (Har har) Maybe I should buy the salted version.

Although I keep hearing that Laura Scudder makes the best peanut butter, so we might have to try that — except I’ve never actually seen it in a store before, possibly because we’ve taken to shopping primarily at the farmers’ market and Trader Joe’s, but still. Wow that was a ridiculously run-on sentence.

Jul 8 14

Interesting Links From This Past Week

by mim

Some of these are old, some are new, but I thought they were all interesting.

Funny robot gifs — The robots are trying, but failing. Funny! My fave is the ketchup one; lol, literally. [via Kottke]

Lionel Messi is Impossible — The best soccer player right now, by a lot of stats.

Solar Has Won — In Queensland, Australia they have enough sunny days and solar panels that coal is having a hard time competing.

Winter Session + Doane Paper Flap Jotter Transport Small Giveaway — The Pen Addict has a giveaway! Comment on his blog before 11:59PM ET on Thursday 10 July!

Sonic Ratchetta Sharpener review

Brooks Falls – Brown Bear Cam — Sometimes boring, sometimes awesome live bear cam. Always relaxing watching the bears.

Jun 27 14

Irish Green Ink

by mim

Leaf and I got another bottle of ink! She says I have a problem, but I don’t think I’m completely alone — we’re enablers for each other. Maybe me more than Leaf but still! :)

Montblanc Irish Green

This is Montblanc Irish Green. The lightings a little yellow because I took the photo at night. But it’s basically a beautiful green. Writes well, reasonably flowy, some shading, well behaved; I really don’t have anything bad to say about it. I suppose if you want sheen on your ink, or permanence, it’s not the one for that, but otherwise, nice ink. Nice bottle too!

We got it at Fahrney’s Pens. If you’re ever in DC, and you want some Montblanc ink, Fahrney’s is the place to go. They have every color for a reasonable price. Also, just going into the store is nice. Lots of pens, lots of inks! They were having a small pen show at their store the day after we went, but we weren’t in DC so we didn’t go. Just as well, we would’ve probably picked up more stuff. :)

Apr 30 14

Puzzles & Dragons

by mim

This always happens: we visit family, someone is playing some random game that we aren’t playing. So we try it out. Next thing you know we are playing and playing and the person (or people) who told us to play isn’t really anymore.


Puzzles & Dragons — actually it’s pretty fun, or at least the orb spinning and team making anyway. I personally do not enjoy managing my monster box. But I didn’t much like that for Pokemon either, though it was somewhat easier. Luckily Yut manages mine for me. :)

Apr 25 14

Speaking of Pencils

by mim

As promised, here are my pencil comparisons:


These are samples for three different Dixon Ticonderogas, a 3 (Hard), 2 5/10 (medium), and #2 (soft, HB) in my Field Notes notebook. I tried to write my regular style with each pencil, but of course I am not an automaton and this is imperfect. But you can see how much darker the soft is versus the hard. The thing is though, I kind of think the hard is too light and sort of scratchy. I’ve had to sharpen the #2 more though, and it breaks more easily. I started them both about the same time, but the 2 pencil is definitely shorter already. 2.5 seems like the Goldilocks choice — just right. Not that I would turn down a nice HB/2 pencil, and they are the easiest to find, usually.

AND! The Well-Appointed Desk just did a whole post about this, with way more information! I didn’t even know F was #2.5, even though I just got done saying that it was my fave. Pencil noob.

Also, this is like a crazy theme this week, where I post a few words about something, but then someone more knowledgeable and internet-famous posts way more in depth words about the topic.