What I Did (Part of) This Weekend

Like a school essay “What I did this summer,” only covering a much shorter period of time. And okay, not very essay-like. Regardless, it starts like this:
Starting Up
In case you haven’t guessed, I played a lot of …
The Sims 3
Not only that, I’ve started downloading things for my Sims. (Cos that’s just what I needed, more ways to spend time on The Sims.)
Gardening in Dior
But well, what Sim wouldn’t want to garden in Dior couture? :p

Oh and if you’re wondering, yes, you can play The Sims 3 in windowed mode. And I love it!

Original dress can be seen at NYMag — it’s number 33 of 36.
Dior dress for The Sims 3 downloaded from iCON.


  1. that looks soooo friggin awesome…. oy…the lack of sims has forced me into playing farmville on facebook. it’s sad, but true.
    .-= Special K´s last blog: I feel oh so safe. =-.

  2. oi i miss playing the sims! nice dress, i didn’t know you could download stuff from 3rd party sites!?! someday…
    .-= misa´s last blog: Had my rear bike wheel stolen … =-.

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